The All Star break has passed, which means that the hunt for a playoff spot has begun. Now while some have the potential to definitely clinch a spot, other teams are hanging on by a thread to make it to the postseason match ups.

So Who’s (Most Likely) In?

The Boston Red Soxs. They have been on fire so far this season. Like, really on a roll. They have the best record in baseball currently with only 37 losses compared to their 86 wins. They are currently at the top of their division and 11 games ahead of the second place team, the Yankees. It’s safe to say that with their right fielders Mookie Betts and J. D. Martinez, they can continue to dominate well into the postseason.

Tough divisions out there?

That would be west in the American League. While the Astros are leading the division, the second place team, the A’s are only 2 games behind them. Not trailing far behind- the Mariners. Now, the Astros could definitely still be on a high from last years win and hoping to repeat that however, Matt Chapman is helping the A’s step up and possibly take that 1st place spot. When could they do that? Well, the A’s and Astros begin their series Aug. 17th so stay tuned.

Any teams hanging on by a thread?

The Nats are trying. Like, really trying. The team is currently in third place in their division after a rocky start to the season. Now, they are in the same division where both the Braves and the Phillies are slowly beginning to find a rhythm to make sure they can secure a playoff spot. The division is tough, however, it wouldn’t be the first time the Nats would sneak themselves into the playoffs. Also, the Nats are always quite entertaining to watch in the playoffs, do you remember that 18 inning game?

Any teams just looking forward to next season?

Yeah, that would be the Orioles. The team basically let go of almost every single one of their star players and currently have the worst record in baseball. The only hope they have would be to focus on next season and rebuilding their broken team.

Now with all this being said, there are still six weeks left in the regular season. Crazy things can happen in sports. Keep up with each game, continue to watch the craziness unfold and cheer on your favorite team. Or take this time to find another team to support during the postseason. (We’re talking to you Orioles fans.)